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Q:Current promotion activity?

A:You can check by following methods

● On the home page to view advertising and discount information, product information or browse the menu of offers.

● Before you complete the online ordering, we will automatically list the qualified promotion items according to your order and total amount. And you can choose to add them or give up. The total amount of the order will be recalculated based on final confirmation of your order & promotion items. Reminders:

■ If you add,cancel,or delete your order or quantity, special-offers may be accordingly adjusted or cancelled.

■ All Printed or E-version discount coupons of Pizza Hut cannot be used for Pizza Hut Home Service online ordering.

■ All coupons comes along with current meal cannot be used this time.

■ Some preferential activities for constructions or part of the room area, only apply to the designated room area or stores, the system will automatically filter based on your address and list the special-offers.

Q:* How to use promotion code of online ordering? Where to enter promotion code?

A:Pizza Hut Delivery may hold online ordering promotion or interactive activities. If you participate and get the prize, you may have the chance to get the promotion code.You may order online according to indications, and in "Confirmation" page, there is a striking "Use promotion code" area, where you can enter or directly enter the promotion code that you got from the activities. And click"use mimmediately" to use it.

All Printed or E-version discount coupons of Pizza Hut cannot be used for online ordering.

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