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Cash on delivery

Pizza Hut Delivery service provides cash-on-delivery payment, after you have checked your food, please pay the bill in cash.

Pizza Hut Delivery Cash vouchers

Cash Vouchers also can be used for online ordering and phone ordering. Pay cash for the the amount that exceeds the amount of cash voucher.

When you are using cash Vouchers, we do not give change, and all copied, altered or teared angle of vouchers cannot be used.

Purchasing and utilization details of cash Vouchers(pre-paid card),please refer to <Pizza Hut Delivery Prepaid card charter>、 <Pizza Hut Delivery Prepaid card agreement>

Online Payment

1 Online payment process :

1) Click to choose your preferred online bank , click to "Submit ", the system will send payment request to the corresponding bank.

2) Auto Login to payment page, enter your bank card number and vertification code.

3) Enter the identifiable information , such as dynamic passwords and etc. it is subject to specific requirements from different banks.

4) Enter the payment password and verification code ;

5) Payment succeeded( after online payment is completed, bank will return payment results and serial number immediately. )

6) After payment succeeded, page will automatically return to Pizza Hut Delivery Website, and"order submitted successfully ! ." will be showed.

2 Alipay payment process ( Paypal instant paying transactions ) :

1) Click to choose Paypa, click to sumbit, system will send payment request to the Alipay.

2) Choose to pay with Paypal balance.

3) Enter the payment password ;

4) Payment succeeded( after online payment is completed, bank will return payment results and serial number immediately. )

5) After payment succeeded, page will automatically return to Pizza Hut Delivery Website, and"order submitted successfully ! ." will be showed.

6) Paypal payment Notice:

i) Pizza Hut Delivery only accept Paypal instant paying transactions, please make sure money in PayPal Account is enough, or you can recharge your account at Paypal Website.Do not pay your order on Alipay Website.

ii) Other Alipay notification & FAQ, please Click;

iii) Learn how to apply & use Alipay ( includes Alipay Card ) , please click;

iv) Alipay security measures:

● Certification:

● Digital Certification:

● Phone knock-up:

3 online payment notification:

1) If you choose online payment and it succeeded, you no longer need to pay for your bill, only you have to do is to sign on the confirmation page to indicate that you have received your meal.

2) If you choose online payment and it succeeded, you can check your order details, process, time,amount,refund and other relevant information of online payment in "check order"

3) If you choose online payment and it is paid successfully and then you modified your order by phone. If the amount of new order is inconsistent with the original one, you need to pay total amout of the new order, and apply for refund process via online banking or Paypal. We will return you the amount of original order as soon as possible. According to different regulations provided by banks and Alipay , the refund period is usually no more than one month. If the amount of new orders consistent with the original order amount, the original online payment is still valid.

4) If you have any questions about your payment bills or refund affairs, please call relevant bank customer service hotline ;

5) online payment submits immediate payment information to bank or Paypal, if your payment failed due to insufficent funds or accidental disconnection, and you can return back to order page to submit payment request again or choose cash-on-delivery payment method.

6) entire online payment process may vary to different kinds of person, it may take one to several minutes, please be patient and do not try to refresh the page, otherwise the system will indicate "repeated order". It is set to prevent bank settlement caused by irregular online behaviour.

4 Qualifications for Online Bank Payment

Hold any kinds of bank card that online payment platform has supported and make sure card has opened online payment service.

5 How to apply & use online bank to pay

For online payment, a bank card is not enough , you also need to open online payment service for your card. you can go directly to the bank counter or bank website to open such service. Opening method may vary due to different kinds of banks.

6 Security issues:

1) Online payment platform that Pizza Hut Delivery Service used is operated by major domestic banks or Alipay and is secure enough.When you are required to enter credit card information, you have already reached the bank page. Pizza Hut Delivery will never collect any user's bank card information ;

2) Bank Cards, what Pizza Hut Delivery currently used, are supported by online bank payment platform. It not only uses SSL128 -bit encryption algorithm and SET ( Secure Electronic Transaction ) protocol ,but also uses PKI (Public Key Infrastructure ) as online payment system security architecture to ensure the confidentiality, authenticity, integrity and non-repudiation of online data.

3) Please do not enter your bank or Paypal information in public places to avoid others may have the chance to see card number ( ID ) and password ;

4) If you want to get more information about" online payment security" , please directly contact your issuing bank .

7 reasons why customers' payment failed

1) Bank Card has not opened online payment service.

2) Bank card account number and password is not correct ;

3) The amount of bank card is insufficient to pay the order.

4) The payment process are interrupted or failed,probably because low internet speed the network dropped , or access restricted LAN and other network communication problem .

5) Computer does not have access to INTERNET or restricted access area ;

6) Low IE version,insufficient places of passwords , IE parameters are set incorrectly , etc. ;

7) When you have reached bank page and refresh it and systme may show "repeated order". It is set to prevent bank settlement caused by irregular online behaviour.

8 Some of bank 's customer service hotline , just for your reference:

BankCardsCustomer Service Hotline

Bank of ChinaGreatWallCredit Card(RMB)4006695566

 BOC Credit Card4006695566

 Great Wall International Card8008205288

Industrial and Commercial Bank of ChinaPeony Credit Card95588

 Peony Credit Card95588

 Peony International Card95588

China Merchants BankInternational Debit Card95555

 Merchants Bank Credit Card8008205555

 Sunflower Card8008205555

China Construction BankDragon credit card(RMB)95533

 Dragon Quasi credit card95533

 Dragon Dual Currency Card4008200588

Agricultural Bank of ChinaGolden Harvest Card8008195599

 Kins credit cards8008195599

Bank of CommunicationsPacific Credit Card95559

 Pacific quasi-credit cards95559

Guangdong Development BankGuang Dong Development bank Card95508

Industrial BankIndustrial Credit95561

Shenzhen Development BankDevelopment Credit95501

China Everbright BankSunshine Card95595


Shanghai Pudong Development BankShanghai Pudong Development Credit card95528

Bank of ShanghaiShenkar Credit Card021-962888

Ping An BankPing An Credit card40066-99999

Bank of NingboNingbo Bank Credit Card96528

China Minsheng BankMinsheng Credit Card95568

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