Welcome to PIZZA HUT Delivery Online Ordering Service, the service (hereinafter referred to as "our services"). includes but not limited to PIZZA HUT Delivery Internet Ordering Service, PIZZA HUT Delivery Mobile App Ordering Service and other ordering platform developed with Internet-based or mobile-based (such as PIZZA HUT Delivery Mobile Ordering Website).Due to the characteristics of the Internet, our services will inevitably generate direct or indirect interaction with you; therefore we describe how our services collect and use user’s personal information and how we protect users’ personal information. Please read Privacy Policy and make sure you fully understand the terms. We provide our services subject to the following conditions. If you start to use our services, it will be regarded that you fully agree and accept this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy applies to your using of our services now and future

Personal Information Collection

Your information Providing: in the course of using our services, you need to provide us with some personal information, including surnames, gender, telephone, delivery address, e-mail, etc., so that we can provide timely and accurate delivery service. Please understand and cooperate with us for this. In order not to influence the delivery service, any information update, please ensure the accuracy and timeliness as well. Any other data or information transmission during your using of our service, including but not limited to comments, customer feedback, preferences, advice, support, requests, problems, etc., will be treated as non-confidential and non-proprietary. Your behavior means that you agree that we can use these data free of charge for our survey , statistics or other relative purposes.


During your use of our services, some information can be collected without your providing through a variety of techniques and methods. These methods include IP addresses, Cookies, equipment information; log data collection and so on. The information cannot identify your personal identity. We collect the information in order to provide better service.


IP Address: An IP address is an terminal number that your Internet Service Provider assigned to you, so that you can access the Internet. It is generally not considered as personal identifiable information, because in most cases, an IP address is dynamic in nature (will change each time during you access). We use your IP address to determine server problem, aggregate information report, determine the fastest path from your terminal to our server, and manage and improve our services.


"Cookie" is a data element. It is sent by a Website to your Web browser to help the website remember your information and your preferences, therefore, better-customized services will be provided.


Device Information: We may collect information about the device related information, such as your hardware model, operating system version, etc., so that we can fit your terminal environment and provide the best service experience.


Log data: log data (log files, server logs, and "click" data) for system management, service improvement, marketing purposes and the communication information between visitors.

Information Utilization & Safety

Your personal information will only be used for delivery service, statistics, consumer behavior research or study, or any other legitimate use related to our service, so that our affiliates and we will provide you with better service. With better user experience, our overall service quality will be accordingly improved. For these purposes, we may provide your personal information to our affiliates or our vendors (including but not limited to Web site operators, technical support, customer service, etc.). in such circumstances, we will require our affiliates and such third parties to comply with this Privacy Policy. Without your consent, unless indicated by Privacy Policy, we will not use your personal information for other purposes that not stated in this privacy policy.


For your personal information, we will strictly keep it confidential and will not use for purposes other than our service, with no disclosure, alteration, and sale or illegally providing to others. However, disclosure under the following situations does not need your consent, and we do not assume any responsibility:


Disclosure Required by applicable law, regulation, legal process or enforceable governmental request.


Disclosure that are to execute applicable Service Terms (including investigation of possible violations).


Disclosures that are to search, prevent or deal with fraud, security or technical issue.


Disclosure that is required or permitted by or within the scope of the law. And it is mean to protect the rights of other users or the public, property or safety from damage.

Exclusion clause

Our services do not need to take any responsibility for the following situations


Personal information disclosure arising from your telling others’ your personal information or you share accounts with others.


Any personal information loss, misuse, alteration or destruction caused by irresistible factors, such as hacker attacks, computer viruses, mobile viruses or attacks, temporary closure caused by government regulation, that affected the normal operation of the network.


Personal Information disclosure or legal dispute and consequences arising from your link to other service website, mobile website or other mobile APP.